• Watch and hear local people explain why a coworking centre will be good for them and the town. Since the video was made, we have decided to create the centre in a different building.

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    Elizabeth Lowson
    Christine Kupfer
    Alexandra H Davey
    Ann Dyer
    Hannah Ewan
    Peer Bowman

    Gail Wallace
    Brian Grindley
    Susan Davies
    Linda White
    Catherine Devereux
    Jennifer Burnside

    Rebecca Knipe
    Andrew Morris
    Simon Grosset
    Kendra Walsh
    Shiona Liddle
    Linda Greig

    Sheilagh Fallon
    Brianne Moore
    Sarah Wall
    Alison Campbell
    Jilly Brogan
    Ann Routledge
    Barbara Wahlen
    Victoria Whitehouse
    Christine Love-Rodgers
    Sarah Dempster
    Clive Chatwin
    Rosemary Everett
    Eileen Gill
    Seona Mason-Chadburn
    Zoe van Zwanenberg
    Cath Jones
    Mary Leigh
    Rebecca Simpson
    Jo Taylor

    Jone Matteucci
    Andrew McNiven
    Owen Macdonald
    Lauren Pringle
    Kathryn Robertson
    Heather Christie
    Joanne Urquhart
    Mark James
    Tracie Byers
    Tony Reekie
    Helen Muir
    Mags Hadden
    Ian Wight
    Ken Hare
    Chris Wood
    Iain McWilliam
    Steve Taylor
    Jacquelyn Rixon
    Lucy Aykroyd

    Morag Haddow

    Gordon Jenkinson

    Daniel Wybrow

    Iain Waugh

    Derek McLean

    Colin Roberts

    Rosalie Monod de Froideville

    Alison Tossell

    Ola Zakrzewska

    Ron & Tisha Shaw

    Maddie Scott

    Liz Adamson

    Josh Christopherson
    Delia Porras

    Marilyn Nicholson

    Kate Lancaster

    Ruth Gilchrist

    Eilidh Muldoon

    Winifred Sillitto
    Phil Wakely

    Ralf Kunze

    Paul Milne
    Tammy Swift-Adams
    Matthew Cuthbert

    Alastair Cook

    Versatile space for small businesses and freelancers across sectors to pool costs, get off the ground and stay local.

    Cath Jones

    It will help bring together some of the varied and amazing talent in Dunbar!

    Helen Muir

    I would get more done, and make better connections, working there than working at home.

    Alexandra H Davey

    As a small business, it would be great to have a workspace outside of my own home, and the chance to collaborate with other small businesses would be fantastic.

    Antony Little, artistOK.co.uk & Helping Hand Computing

    We need more affordable spaces within town centres to enable small businesses to grow.

    Margaret Struckmeier, Past Horizons

    I am a freelance Illustrator living locally and would benefit from a shared workspace with other creative practitioners. I think this would be the ideal location as Dunbar is full of artists and designers, and this project would provide a vibrant and exciting creative hub.

    Eilidh Muldoon

    Simon Glover, Miixer cic
    Peter Humphrey, Dalmatian House
    Liz Macdonald, Anwyl Ford Ltd

    Andy Goodall, newmediabureau
    Dionne Jones, Dionne Jones Photography

    Andy Hadden, The Lighthouse
    Charlotte Chapman, Persephone's Garden
    Jamie Learmont, Balanced Impact
    Haig Kirk, AURA of you

    Erica Wimbush, Dunbar Community Bakery

    Tracey Largue, Tracey Largue Photography

    Carol Bowman, Bass Rock Gallery
    Debbie Adams, Homemade Beauties
    Gary Donaldson, GoCruise

    Anna Wimbledon, Dunbar Art Classes

    Jo Robertson, Jo Robertson Facilitation
    Jamie Graham, Sandbar IT ltd
    Marie-Clare James, Quaich Marketing

    Peter Foreman, Traprain Consultants

    Antony Little, artistOK.co.uk / Helping Hand Computing

    Elaine Alsop, EA Independent Ltd

    Darrell Wilson, Make Digital

    Jill Boulton, Visorcat

    Olivia Reynolds, The Reynolds Partnership Ltd

    Caroline Halsall, Concentrate Creative
    Mandy Craig, The Green Team

    Susan Mowatt, Cadmium Lovebug

    Janeth Hall, Cherrytrees Childrens Nurseries Ltd

    Anna Davis, INprint workshop

    Glenda Rome, Filmmaker

    Roger Wilson, R Squared Design Limited

    Tracey Ward, Ergon Equine Ltd

    Lisa Massie, The Dog Edit

    Lara Collins Life Coaching

    Gareth Morgan, The Kubernesis Partnership LLP

    Jamie Regan, JRCT Ltd    
    Mike Byers, mkbImaging Limited

    It's a great idea to maintain the all important work/life balance, reduce congestion heading into the big cities, improve small business opportunities for those who can't afford a big office space or need more space than they can carve out at home, and it helps bring foot traffic to Dunbar high street.

    Rebecca Knipe

    I think it would be a great community assest and it would help make the high street more vibrant

    Victoria Whitehouse

    I may use it! And it is a great use of a derelict space.

    Owen Macdonald

    I work remotely and I would love to be able to go to a social space in Dunbar to do so.

    Iain McWilliam

    Having a place to network and showcase my work would help my business grow as well as help other businesses that I use grow too.

    Jamie Graham, Sandbar IT ltd

    It will help people work more effectively, putting energy into working rather than commuting!

    Jo Robertson, Jo Robertson Facilitation

    It will support local people and further rejuvenate the high street.

    Zoe van Zwanenberg

    I work from home 4 days a week and this option would be a godsend!

    Tracie Byers

    It would be great to work there a day a week instead of in Edinburgh office


    It will give me a local, flexible space to work outside my home.

    Charlotte Chapman, Persephone's Garden

    Increasing self employment and remote working means there is a real need for local coworking space in Dunbar.

    Darrell Wilson, Make Digital

    We found it very difficult to source business space in Dunbar. I believe this project will boost the local economy and preserve an important historic building. There is a distinct shortage of space for small businesses in Dunbar and a real need for this project to come to fruition. Good luck!

    Jill Boulton, Visorcat

    Dunbar has a fantastic community spirit that can only be enhanced by this venture.

    Lara Collins, Lara Collins Life Coaching

    The Ridge

    Rotary Club Dunbar

    St Annes Church Dunbar

    Discovery Church Dunbar

    Dunbar Community Council

    Dunbar Community Woodland Group

    Dunbar Parish Church

    Dunpender Community Council

    East Lammermuir Community Council

    East Lothian Quaker Meeting

    West Barns Arts

    West Barns Community Council

    West Barns Village Hall Committee

    Dunbar Sings

    I love the idea of a communal space where local people can network and potentially further their opportunities to expand their business.

    Mags Hadden

    I work with a group of designers and consultants in East Lothian. We all work from our homes. Several years ago we tried to create a shared work space in Dunbar, but we couldn’t find the right premises. It’s really exciting that Sustaining Dunbar is doing this now.

    Andrew Goodall

    I have started a small business as well as working full time and this space will allow me to connect with the local community better than solely working from home does.

    Haig Kirk

    I'm desperate for a studio space, somewhere to work with other creatives in the area and it would be fantastic to see this building brought back to life for such a great use.


    It's a great idea and would help those who do not need to travel to Edinburgh every day as well as providing an office for those who occasionally need a workspace.

    Jone Matteucci 

    Makes sense to work together and great to see vibrant attractive town centres working for the community.

    Linda Greig

    It's the kind of initiative that will make Dunbar thrive, a great opportunity for workers, organisations and the community and a fabulous opportunity to cut down commuting and work, create and produce in Dunbar.

    Tony Reekie

    I work five hours a week from home and would appreciate another space to go.

    Kathryn Robertson,

    It’s important for me as a business and important overall for the community.

    Tracey Largue, Tracey Largue Photography

    I currently work from home but can see the requirement for alternative office space in future.

    Catherine Devereux

    It will enhance the working facilities and expertise available to small businesses and self employed people in Dunbar and occupy an empty shop premises on the High Street with something useful.

    Erica Wimbush, Dunbar Community Bakery

    Good for community in so many ways. Professional, social, creative cohesion.

    Glenda Rome, Filmmaker

    Dunbar has the best community. I'm a local dress designer who reuses upcycled garments and I can't wait to see this happening!

    Caroline Nelson

    A place for local small businesses to develop and grow within a local base will bring huge benefits to Dunbar.

    Roger Wilson, R Squared Design Limited

    There is too little space available for small businesses in the area

    Peter Foreman, Traprain Consultants Ltd

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    Strengthening Communities Programme

    Sustaining Dunbar's Development Officer post is funded by the Scottish Government's Strengthening Communities Programme. Part of that role is to take forward the development of Coworking Dunbar. We are grateful for this support, without which the project would not be happening.

    Coworking Accelerator Network

    The Coworking Accelerator Network is a global network promoting, developing and providing practical resources for leaders of quality coworking spaces. They are helping us develop Coworking Dunbar.

    Scottish Land Fund

    We gratefully acknowledge the support of the Scottish land Fund.


    Thanks to Moblize for powering our Coworking Dunbar Network through their grants programme.

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