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North Berwick coworking space welcomes Coworking Dunbar

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As part of our research to develop Coworking Dunbar we recently visited the Lighthouse in North Berwick. The Lighthouse is a coworking space that opened its doors in March this year.

Andy Hadden, the owner, showed us round and shared some of his experience of setting up and opening this new venture. The building and interiors are stunning, with most of the work, including wonderful art work and signage, carried out by local businesses and artists.

We discussed the market for coworking and agreed it is growing - and that we are unlikely to be competing with each other. Chatting with Andy and some of the members, it was interesting to have our research confirmed: most coworkers were based at home before joining a coworking space.


We are delighted that our neighbouring coworking space support our venture.

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