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Marketing & Communications Makeover

Tyninghame Village Hall

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Come and join the Coworking Dunbar Network as we help the committee of Tyninghame Village Hall work out how to promote the venue better and overhaul their website - and at the same time gain valuable insights into how to go about promoting our own businesses and organisations.

In this informal facilitated event, members of the network will hear what the committee want to achieve, and will support them by asking questions to tease out their needs, constraints, skills etc, and sharing their experience and expertise.

By the end of this 'live case study' the hall committee should have a clear and achievable plan, and we should all have learnt much that can apply to our own situations.

9.30am to 12.30am, Thursday 13th December, at Tyninghame Village Hall.

No need to register, but it will help us plan. Join the Coworking Dunbar Network here then RSVP for this event.

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