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Jon Huxtable, quality leader and music producer

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I have two jobs, one pays the rent and the other keeps me sane, writes Jon Huxtable. I work for a US based global business, supporting quality in their supply chain. Because this is a global role, I can work wherever I choose, and I chose to work from home to give me the freedom to move to Dunbar.

In my role, I am responsible for continually improving the effectiveness and efficiency of a large team of Engineers who work with Suppliers. If I had to describe my skill set in the simplest terms it would be “Problem Solving”. I trained as a Six Sigma Black Belt many years ago and use these tools to analyse and improve business processes. I like to think of myself as an “intrapreneur".


Otherwise, my home office doubles as a music production studio. I’ve been collaborating with musicians from all over the world for many years and use my spare time to help artists take their ideas through to an actual released record. I support the Glasgow record label Olive Grove and help produce most of their output. This is a non profit enterprise that I get immense satisfaction from.


My core skills are specific to the automotive business but more generally, I’m experienced at analysing complex problems and applying approaches, usually in a team based environment, to find solutions.


For me, coworking is about socialising. I’m often in the house alone for days at a time. Although I spend a fair time chatting with colleagues by Skype or phone, its not the same as face to face interaction. I like to be helpful, so I’m hoping it will give me opportunities to add something to my fellow coworkers.


Find out more about Jon's Smallfish Recordings.

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