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Duncan Weddell: web design & cryptocurrency

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I’ve been involved in the internet, since those crazy dot-com days, writes Duncan Weddell. The internet is still my bread and butter, but I’m now also heavily involved with a new-fangled technology, called blockchain.

Web design is my primary business. For 15 years, Duncan Weddell & Co have been creating websites for companies in East Lothian, Edinburgh and beyond. Our clients are a mixed bag, ranging from large organisations to one man bands. The best bit about this job is meeting inspiring entrepreneurs and getting insights into all kinds of fascinating businesses. It's also very rewarding, seeing businesses prosper, as a result of the web work we’ve undertaken.

The other, newer arm of my business is called Digital Castles. This venture focuses on integrating bitcoin and other cryptos into businesses and charities. The technology underpinning these new cryptos is called blockchain and is the next step in the evolution of our digital world. It's early days, but this technology has the power to transform our lives. Blockchain decentralises everything! The best known blockchain is bitcoin, which enables you to essentially be your own bank and bypass the banking giants.

When I’m not immersed in digital stuff, I like to get into the real world. Hill running, mountain biking etc are my earthy yang to my digital ying… or something like that.

Having previously worked in a coworking environment in Edinburgh, the main benefits were:

  • Getting out of the goddam house!
  • Sharing knowledge and ideas
  • Meeting like-minded people
  • Being in a town centre is good for meetings, fancy coffee etc (I live in the sticks)

Hopefully the coworking space in Dunbar will tick these boxes too!

I'd like to think my experience, contacts, web and crypto skills can be of use to other coworkers and visa versa.

Find out more about Duncan's work:

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