• creating something special

    to help local people, businesses and organisations thrive in and around Dunbar

  • The project


    A community coworking centre

    We wish to set up a community coworking centre to provide workspace, inspiration and support to freelancers, commuters, remote workers, artists, businesses, social enterprises and community groups in and around Dunbar.


    Central Dunbar

    We want to buy a property in the centre of town. We believe the coworking centre can only really benefit the whole community if it's right at the heart of the town.


    Sustaining Dunbar, community development trust and charity

    Since 2008 we have been bringing people together to create practical projects across the Dunbar and East Linton area that improve the quality of life, support the local economy and enhance the natural environment.


    A social enterprise approach

    We hope to buy the property with a grant from the Scottish Land Fund. We will seek a mix of commercial and social investment loans to cover the cost of upgrading, refurbishing, fitting out etc. The centre will operate commercially in the market and invest profits for the benefit of the local community.


    If everything runs smoothly we could be opening in 2019

    But it's a big project and things may change. We are currently seeking support from across the community, building a network of potential members, undertaking a feasibility study, creating a business plan and seeking funding to buy and develop the property.

  • Why?

    Speaking with local people, businesses and organisations, and other research, tells us that this project will help:

    Improve Dunbar High Street

    by bringing an empty building in the centre of town back into use.

    Tackle the shortage of work space

    by creating quality workspace with hot desks, offices, studios and meeting rooms.

    Grow local businesses

    by building connections between freelancers, commuters, SMEs, social enterprises and more.

    Bring more trade to the High Street

    as people who formerly worked from home or commuted away, shop more locally.

    Develop community groups

    by investing profits to support fundraising, project planning and development.

    Strengthen community

    by linking more people with local groups and activities.

  • And it will be great for members!

    Commuting to Edinburgh…

    Work here one or more days a week. Less commuting, more time with your family and to enjoy life in Dunbar.

    Working from home…

    Permanently or occasionally, be part of a professional work space. Get out, meet people, build your networks.

    Looking to expand…

    Rent desks, offices and meeting rooms only when your organisation needs them. Manage costs, reduce risk.

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